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Fee puts damper on effort to provide meals

Date published: 6/30/2014

Fee puts damper on effort to provide meals

In April 2013, after feeding the homeless in our community for almost a year, I started my company, Feed Fred.

I began feeding the homeless after reading an article about how Micah Ecumenical Ministries needed volunteers to serve breakfast. I did not realize that I would need to purchase, prepare and serve the food, but with the loving support of my husband, Carl Lawson, and his company, CBAI & Associates, I made it happen.

My experience over that year showed me that it is not only the people without a home who need help. There are people who are slipping through the cracks of our society who are hungry and have not had a home-cooked meal in years. Feed Fred was started so that we could help all of these people.

Wanting to do everything legally and correctly, I pinched pennies and saved enough money to apply for my business license and 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.

This month, I received notice that Feed Fred was approved and awarded this honor.

All of our supplies are stored and prepared in our home and, with the exception of our Sunday morning breakfast, served out of the back of our family minivan. Everything is free, compliments of the $1,000 per month I receive from CBAI & Associates.

The city of Fredericksburg has informed me that, to continue doing this, I must pay an additional $500 for a site plan/permit or serve our meals in a building.

Feed Fred is doing a positive thing and I was hoping for a little more support from our community and its leaders. We are asking for the public's help. Please visit us at feedfred.com or on Facebook.

Paula Bartello


The writer is founder and president, Feed Fred.