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Kudos to Paolucci for a job well done

Date published: 6/30/2014

Kudos to Paolucci for a job well done

On July 1, the face of Fredericksburg's City Council will change. Congratulations to its new members. Kudos to its incumbents.

One person who will no longer be on hand is Bea Paolucci, the outgoing Ward 4 representative. I am deeply appreciative of the outstanding service she provided.

I hope the new council will pick up the mantle of community concern and creative activism that she modeled so effectively.

Two of the concerns that she sought to address have a special importance for me. Quietly but effectively--and with the cooperation of others--she became a "drum major" for those of us in Mayfield who must live with dangerous ethanol tankers in the rail yard adjacent to our homes. Through her skillful negotiations with CSX, positive changes were realized. I hope the new council will follow up by pursuing an even more permanent solution.

During her tenure, Mayfield residents also experienced some long-awaited improvements in lighting and street paving, as well as a more amiable sense of responsibility for public safety.

She was also tireless in her efforts to solve neighborhood housing issues, facilitating sensitive deliberations with both the Central Virginia Housing Coalition and Micah Ecumenical Ministries.

The other important ongoing concern that she sought to address is of special significance for all of us at Shiloh Baptist Church (Old Site). Mrs. Paolucci, like others on the council, understood the importance of economic development along the emerging Sophia Street corridor.

However, I'm thankful that she was also acutely aware of the problem that this ongoing development is creating for the church. The lack of parking is already causing major headaches for Shiloh Baptist (Old Site).

Words are inadequate in thanking Mrs. Paolucci for her thoughtful service and devotion.

Janice P. Davies