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School Board in Orange has an important task

Date published: 7/1/2014

School Board in Orange has an important task

I would like to publicly thank Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Grimesey for his five years of dedicated service to Orange County.

It has been a pleasure to work with him as he led our school system in a manner that exceeded expectations.

The best tribute the School Board could pay to Dr. Grimesey is to appoint a new, highly qualified superintendent who will expand on the success that Dr. Grimesey has achieved.

Appointing a superintendent of schools is one of the most important duties of the School Board. Of 130 school divisions in Virginia, 84 of them have a smaller student enrollment than Orange County.

An experienced superintendent from one of these smaller school divisions might be the ideal candidate for Orange County. They know Virginia's laws and regulations, they have assembled a school budget and they have hands-on experience in all aspects of administering a school division.

An experienced superintendent could hit the ground running, just as Dr. Robert Grimesey did.

Superintendents are normally under contract until the end of the school year. Therefore, having a midyear starting date for the new superintendent would tend to rule out most experienced superintendents.

The School Board's best opportunity to attract an experienced superintendent would be to appoint the new superintendent in December with a July 1, 2015, starting date.

Attracting an experienced superintendent to Orange County would be in the best interest of our students, our employees and the public.

Jim Hopkins


Mr. Hopkins serves as District 5 representative on the Orange County School Board. The views he expresses are his own and should not be interpreted as a formal position of the Orange County School Board.