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Spotsy's proffers should be consistent and fair

Date published: 7/1/2014

Is no proffer the correct decision?

As a resident of Spotsylvania County, I certainly agree with the June 19 op-ed titled "A call for proffer equality in new construction."

The writers were precise and convincing in their views of a monumental long-term problem as it relates to inconsistency in our proffer problem.

As the writers stated, proffers have been nonexistent. They have either been given back or reduced. In some cases, proffers were not offered nor were they requested by the county.

I guess when they changed the mission statement to a "business-friendly county," it gives businesses the right to not pay their fair share in proffers and exploit our residents by paying low wages.

In my opinion, we will not have revenue for essential services unless there is a property tax increase. Many of the builders and developers have said that if proffers are required, the cost will be passed on to buyers. Conversely, if there are no proffers, will the builder or developer reduce the initial cost of the purchase?

I am not a no-growth person, but growth should be "smart." Growth brings jobs and revenue, but we will need roads, schools and protective service commensurate with the growth. We will have to pay for growth in some form, either by tax increase or fees.

Most of the builders and developers will receive the benefits of our no-proffer program and will be long gone. We will be more overcrowded than before and will suffer the consequences.

The Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors should study proffers and ensure that they are consistent and equitable.

Willie Brown