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Kasem knew how to foster name recognition

Date published: 7/4/2014

Kasem knew how to foster name recognition

Casey Kasem died recently. He was a man who broke all the records. No, I don't mean LPs. As a DJ, he repeatedly introduced himself to his radio audience more times than anyone else in history.

I remember listening to him 30 years ago on an American Top 40 hit station constantly say, "Hi, I'm Casey Kasem," or "This is Casey Kasem."

I once counted him doing that 17 times in one hour. He did this after every song and commercial. This would absolutely drive me crazy. I would catch myself shouting at the radio. No other DJ did this, just Casey. He did this over his entire 40-year career.

No human, past or future, will ever say his name out loud as many times as this man did. His name is indelibly imprinted on the fabric of space time like no other.

"Hi, I'm Casey Kasem" are the most spoken words of all time. I often wondered if upon wakening every morning, he looked over at his wife and said, "Hi, I'm Casey Kasem."

Eric Morgan