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Aqua committed to better water service

Date published: 7/6/2014

Aqua committed to better water service

Aqua Virginia recently acquired the water and wastewater systems that serve about 1,000 people in the Presidential Lakes subdivision in King George County.

As The Free Lance-Star noted in a June 18 article ["Wastewater plant in K.G. needs improvements"], the wastewater plant was under a state consent order long before Aqua bought it because the plant doesn't meet environmental regulations.

Aqua plans to invest nearly $1.3 million to build a new wastewater treatment plant before the end of next year to improve service and bring the system back into environmental compliance.

Aqua also plans to spend nearly $160,000 to improve the Presidential Lakes water system during the same period.

Aqua is committed to improving and maintaining the Presidential Lakes water and wastewater systems for our new customers. These improvements are critical to ensuring that we protect public health and provide reliable service.

Shannon V. Becker

Hanover County

The writer is president of Aqua Virginia.