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Act like Christians

Date published: 7/6/2014

Act like Christians

It's obvious that most Christians cannot distinguish between moral voluntary charity and immoral "charity" by force.

And it is the Christian clergy who have, for centuries, misled their flocks and misinterpreted biblical passages in the attempt to help the needy by using government force.

It was reported in a June 30 article titled "Group sends a Medicaid message" that Lawrence Davies, former pastor of Shiloh (Old Site) Baptist Church, calls for the expansion of Medicaid and cites Leviticus 19:9-10 as support for his position.

But these biblical verses only ask people to voluntarily help those who are hungry.

But Medicaid is a government program that is not voluntary. Taxpayers are required to support it. Nowhere in the Bible are Christians told to get the government--an institution of force--to help those in need.

Christ's message to his followers was to love others by voluntarily helping those in need.

After two millennia, isn't it about time that people who call themselves Christians started acting as actual disciples of Christ?

Thomas Johnson