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AP story misleads

Date published: 7/6/2014

AP story misleads

Any doubts about the political leanings of The Free Lance-Star were erased by the front-page AP article ["Court backs business in health care case"].

The Supreme Court opinion about Hobby Lobby did not deny anyone anything. It is not, nor was it, about birth control. It was about abortion and who should pay for it.

Hobby Lobby will continue to offer 16 birth control options to its female employees. They always did and will continue. There was no mention of this little fact.

What this opinion did was confirm their right to not have to pay for abortion-inducing drugs. The four drugs do not prevent pregnancies but instead cause a fertilized egg to abort, thus ending the life of that future human being.

The owners of Hobby Lobby object to abortion based on their religious beliefs, and a 1993 law signed by Bill Clinton protects them from the Obama regime. This decision just affirms that protection.

Now if women who work for Hobby Lobby want to purchase these four drugs, they are welcome to do that. No one is preventing them at all. That is their choice to spend their money to end the future lives of the children in their bodies.

The AP article was as misleading at it could get. But then again, most of what you report on political matters is just that. Toe the party line, the heck with the truth.

Patrick Williams

King George