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Decision opens door to other objections

Date published: 7/6/2014

Decision opens door to other objections

I had been waiting to hear about the Hobby Lobby case this week, and I was disappointed in the outcome.

I was also surprised because I understood that many religious women take the pill because, as many of us know, many believers in our country practice some tenets of their religion and not others.

I think this was a testament to the extremely organized evangelical Christians in the U.S. who were offended en masse more than the average person.

While I can understand the religious exception to other drugs such as Plan B, again, this should be private knowledge for the patient and none of the employer's business.

My medical decisions are between me and my doctor. Just as you could say I may "pay" for prostate medication and my husband may "pay" for breast cancer treatment, it would have nothing to do with my employer.

Having said that, those of us who do not have an objection should educate their daughters that birth control, which has always been out of pocket before the ACA, will continue to be if they choose to work for one of these companies.

Not to mention what other objections will be raised in the future by other religions because of this decision.

Terri Robertson

King George