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Rude drivers make life tough on the highway

Date published: 7/7/2014

Rude drivers make life tough on the highway

Recently, I was traveling in the right lane on U.S. 1 when I tried to move into the left lane to make a left turn at the next intersection. Motorists approaching from the rear in the left lane refused to allow me to make a lane change.

I had three choices:

First, I could aggressively force my way into the left lane in front of motorists traveling at a high rate of speed and risk causing an accident.

Second, I could come to a complete stop on the highway and become a fixed obstruction to the flow of traffic while I wait for a courteous motorist to let me change lane.

Or third, I could continue through the intersection and hope to make a U-turn or perform some other maneuver down the highway.

This happens to me often. Tell me, what am I doing so wrong that more often than not, motorists are likely to be so unkind and discourteous when all I want to do is to make a legal left turn at the intersection?

Herman H. Jones