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Food section a star for Free Lance-Star

Date published: 7/7/2014

Food section a star for Free Lance-Star

I subscribe to both The Free Lance-Star and The Washington Post.

Each paper provides interesting perspectives on local and national events that I find worthwhile. Each has its strong points and its weak points, neither necessarily consistent, except for the recipes in the food section of The Free Lance-Star.

I am not a chef, but I like to eat, and the recipes in the FLS are consistently excellent--whereas in the Post, not so much.

This week, the FLS had three great recipes: chicken with olives and capers, eat-your-vegetables meatloaf and meatball stroganoff. These recipes are relatively easy to prepare, delicious and typical for the paper.

The Post recipes included clams with kimchi and grilled bologna, neither of which sounds in the least interesting and is the usual fare for that paper.

So my point is, if you want relevancy, read the FLS.

Gene Nordgren