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Opinion on court case not pleasing to reader

Date published: 7/8/2014

Opinion on court case not pleasing to reader

Again, as one would expect, the Free Lance Star's Opinion ("A slippery slope") does not like the majority opinion of the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case.

Who is not for religious freedom? This country and the documents it was founded on were written by faithful, God-fearing individuals who loved Him and wanted a country where people could freely worship and live.

The majority of the country since that time has upheld the Christian principles set forth in those documents and through the laws, precepts and commands that God inspired in His word.

The majority has allowed freedom of expression and worship for other religions and atheists alike.

Many of the aspects of Christian life and ideals have been trampled upon as the ACLU and others vehemently pursue the removal of anything Christian from our daily lives. A number of laws have directly opposed the intention and views of our Founding Fathers.

It is very refreshing that this Supreme Court decision adds a little light to the side of God-fearing people. I don't know why the Opinion section of the FLS wouldn't proclaim a victory for the Christian principles that our Declaration of Independence and Constitution proclaim, since this is a predominantly Christian area of the U.S.

It is time to again look to Him as the one who will provide wisdom and the love and tolerance we should have for one another. We should pray for wisdom and guidance and try to correct many of the ills facing the nation through conciliation and love. We need good leaders who are openly for religious freedom and who put forth their faith in God as the one who guides them in their wisdom in making the laws of this land. We also need a press that adheres to the news, does not take sides and allows for the freedom of expression.

Mitch Fournet