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Wait on Medicaid

Date published: 7/9/2014

Wait on Medicaid

The Virginia General Assembly has been discussing the expansion of Medicaid.

A couple of months ago, a Democratic delegate recommended in The Free Lance-Star that we expand Medicaid and accept the monies offered by the federal government.

This delegate also said we could use this money for roads, infrastructure, schools and some other areas, and then he said also Medicaid.

Why would we use Medicaid monies for something other than Medicaid? Is this not obtaining money under false pretense? I think that is called fraud!

The average citizen of Virginia would be prosecuted for fraud, but I guess that if you are a Democratic delegate, you can suggest and even get away with seeking Medicaid money to use for anything other than Medicaid and not be prosecuted.

What will happen when the commonwealth of Virginia needs that money to pay for Medicaid?

Let's pass a balanced budget (as is the law in Virginia) and then the delegates and senators can review the Medicaid legislation over the next two years and take it up during the next budget cycle.

Hopefully, by then, we can cut the false claims in Medicaid, and not have to tax us out of our homes to pay for something (Medicaid expansion) we do not need in this commonwealth.

Peter D. Shoars Sr.