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Team name has history of controversy

Date published: 7/9/2014

Team name has history of controversy

In 1992, the Native American writer and activist Suzan Harjo became a lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Washington Redskins football organization.

In 1932, George Preston Marshall bought the Boston Braves team and renamed them the Washington Redskins. At the time, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defined the word "Redskin" as offensive and in the same ballpark as words like "darky," "kike" and "dago."

An article by Michael Tomasky in November 2011 titled the "Racist Redskins" describes how Mr. Marshall was the last NFL owner to integrate his team, only after years of heavy resistance and only because of government pressure.

So I suppose the current controversy going on today regarding the team's name is business as usual.

Will Ross