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Shiloh Park could be a misleading name

Date published: 7/11/2014

Shiloh Park could be a misleading name

I hope the name "Shiloh Park" is not yet written in stone for the newest King George County recreational area.

This park was named for the Shiloh voting district, which encompasses many communities (of which Shiloh is one), but this park is nowhere near the town of Shiloh.

This could be confusing for people trying to locate the facility. Worse than that, I can envision a time when there could actually be a park in Shiloh and we won't even be able to name it Shiloh Park! It would be more appropriate to name the new park after The Circle or Purkins Corner or Edgehill.

I got to thinking about this when I saw the June 29 article titled "Fire chief wants station replaced."

A station at the old auto auction site on U.S. 301 would cover the Shiloh area within the 5-mile distance required for reduced insurance coverage, but it would exclude anyone living in Index or Rollins Fork.

Also, it seems inappropriate to build a station at the 301 site because it is located only 5 miles from King George Fire and Rescue Co. 1 in King George. Consequently, a large portion of the 5-mile area the 301 site would service would overlap with that being serviced by Co. 1.

In order to provide 5-mile coverage from the Wilmont Wharf area and the county line on Stoney Knoll Road, it would need to be sited on State Route 3 east of Shiloh Baptist Church.

The coverage area would still extend west past U.S. 301, but would minimize the overlap with KGF&R Co. 1 while encompassing the entire Route 3 east corridor.

Let's try to secure some property farther east along Route 3 while there is still open space available. If a large parcel is found, maybe some acreage could be saved for a future Shiloh Park!

Sheri Dennison

King George