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Hobby Lobby article didn't tell whole story

Date published: 7/11/2014

Hobby Lobby article didn't tell whole story

Does the FLS follow the liberal agenda? A July 3 Associated Press article titled "Ruling's impact on birth control mixed" covers the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling, stating that "business owners who don't want to pay for employees' birth control on grounds of religious belief" don't have to.

The article conveniently does not mention that of the total of 20 different birth control methods, the ruling applies only to four that religious businesses feel cause abortion. It is only in the article's very last paragraph that those four are even mentioned.

Most readers will not read the entire article, thereby missing the point that it's a limited ruling. All other methods are still covered in health care requirements.

Then the editorial cartoon on page A6 echoes the above by depicting a black-robed Supreme Court male justice and a rather large, rotund male labeled "Hobby Lobby" wearing a cross, kicking a soccer ball labeled "contraception ruling" at a small, cringing female goalie labeled "employee."

Gee, if the court case had gone the other way, would the cartoon have depicted a female justice and a rather large, rotund female wearing a "NOW" pin stomping with her high heels on a small, cringing religious business owner? I think not!

Roderick Ritterbusch