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Letter about Casey Kasem was insulting

Date published: 7/13/2014

Letter about Casey Kasem was insulting

I find it hard to believe that upon the passing away of radio icon Casey Kasem, you would print such ridiculous comments from one of your readers, Eric Morgan ["Kasem knew how to foster name recognition," July 4].

Mr. Morgan listened to this icon of American radio, but now has decided to criticize Casey for his successful branding of his American Top 40, as well as the man personally.

Casey forever changed and influenced the way we listen to our hit music and will be forever remembered for his wonderful contributions to radio's best musicians and singers.

For Mr. Morgan to manufacture this kind of insulting commentary and opinion is really not worth printing. If opinions make absolutely no sense, then the letter does not deserve the paper and ink.

I, for one, will always be thankful for "Hi, I'm Casey Kasem!"

Robert Miller