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Want to earn more money? Learn a skill

Date published: 7/13/2014

Want to earn more money? Learn a skill

People who want the $15-an-hour minimum wage are off-base. Employees pay their employees according to the value they provide to the employer. The more value they have, the more they are worth.

Most minimum-wage earners do not have the skills to demand more money. You want more money? Learn a skill or better your education.

Because you have a family to support does not mean you are worth more. Your family is not the responsibility of your employer. You are!

Our country is on the verge of bankruptcy. The present administration does not seem to care. Many of our states are already bankrupt.

Allowing thousands of children into the country each month is insanity. Where are the parents, relatives or guardians? Who is to take care of them?

Charity can go only so far. We cannot afford to allow this to continue. But the present administration will. As long as votes are involved, they will continue to sell out our country. God help us!

Deo T. Hardman