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Gridlock apparently will be over soon

Date published: 7/14/2014

Gridlock apparently will be over soon

Boy, do I feel better after reading this story ["Agencies going after gridlock," July 4].

We should be seeing traffic relief any day now.

Let's see. We have a VDOT incident management coordinator moving from Fairfax to Fredericksburg. We'll have a third safety service patrol truck. We'll have a transportation controller moving to the Stafford County Sheriff's Office and into the 911 operations center.

Gee, if it takes only two people and a truck to fix the problem, why has it taken so long? And why is more than a billion dollars being spent to add 10 miles of HOV lanes (which will help your I-95 drive only if you happen to be going in that direction)?

I must be missing something.

Steve Davis