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State shouldn't try to 'cure' pregnancy

Date published: 7/14/2014

State shouldn't try to 'cure' pregnancy

In his July 7 op-ed ["Slippery slope? No, it's much worse than that"], Leonard Pitts states that there are no differences between various methods of birth control as "most gynecologists will tell you."

Such a position is scientifically absurd, and Mr. Pitts needs to find his wife a gynecologist who graduated from medical school.

Perhaps Mr. Pitts meant to say that he sees no ethical difference between them, and that is a religious belief far wackier to many of us than anything Hobby Lobby has ever said. But he is certainly entitled to his own religious views.

Surely, the government has a role to play in preventive medicine, such as immunization, but pregnancy is not a disease, and giving the state or an employer the power and responsibility to "cure" it is the true slippery slope he fears.

Quentin Macmanus, M.D.