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Writer says Southwest Virginia is doing fine

Date published: 7/14/2014

Writer says Southwest Virginia is doing fine

I am writing to you today to comment on your recent series of articles on the natural gas industry published July 6 and 7.

I want to say I take great offense at your reporter's ridicule of my region for the way words are pronounced that was highlighted in the "Say Again" sidebar.

The dialect in my region may be different from the dialect in yours, or the reporter's, but nonetheless, on an issue of importance like this, the box did nothing but trivialize the entire topic.

You can look at the names of locations in your own backyard and surrounding areas and explain the pronunciations of Fauquier, Poquoson and Staunton just as readily. It has no place is a serious topic discussion like this.

I want to set the record straight on one thing.

Peter Glubiak made the statement that this area of the world has "been raped and pillaged for so long--the damage has been done."

The Southwest Virginia I know is home to some of the finest people you will find in Virginia or anywhere, and the land here has given back not only to Southwest Virginia, but to the state and the nation through the natural resources we have produced here and continue to produce here today.

The beauty of our mountains and vistas I would put up against those in any other part of the state at any time, and that beauty is still here--even after and during resource extraction.

In Southwest Virginia, we have been able to successfully reintroduce an elk herd that has been absent from Virginia for 100 years, and it's because of the responsible reclamation practices employed by the coal and gas industry.

At the same time, the gas industry has provided taxes, a helping hand when a community program needs it and thousands of jobs for Southwest Virginians. I am proud to call myself one of them.

Leon Boyd

Vansant, Buchanan County