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Patrolmen saved the day for stranded motorist

Date published: 7/15/2014

I read and hear so much of abuse of power and violations of the public trust. I simply have to share my story of gratitude with your readership.

Having just left my husband in Fort Belvoir Community Hospital for surgery the next day, I was driving home in very heavy traffic. After more than two hours on the road, my car stalled just south of Courthouse Road on U.S. 1.

It was hot. I was frustrated. I wasn't really thinking things through. I did have AAA coming, but my call was already more than 30 minutes old.

I was sitting in the hot car on the passenger side with the door open, relating my tale of woe to my husband in the hospital.

To my surprise, I was looking down at the shiny boots of a state highway patrolman. I related my story to him, surely demonstrating my shaky emotional state by then.

The officer had the good sense to seat me in his air-conditioned cruiser. Then, he checked out the car. While I was thinking the worst, it turns out that I was simply out of gas!

My hero radioed a Stafford County officer, who arrived with a small can of gasoline. They soon had my car running. They helped me turn my car around on the highway to get to the Valero gas station to buy enough gasoline to get home.

They wouldn't accept payment for the gasoline in the can.

I'm forever indebted to these two fine officers. Regretfully, I did not get their names. I'm using this media to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Diana R. Naatjes