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Worry more for America's children

Date published: 7/16/2014

Worry more for America's children

Daily we are treated to pictures of illegal alien children with tears streaming down their faces, sent into this nation in a further attempt to force open borders--as if they are not open enough.

Where are the faces of America's children? The media cares not for their plight. Nor that of their parents. Parents and grandparents who have had to pay for each administration since 1986 when the so-called immigration bill to end all immigration bills was passed.

Because no one enforced or enforces the peace, the Immigration Bill of 1986 was never enforced.

In the past six years we have been encumbered and abused by an administration that, contrary to oaths taken, refused to enforce immigration law.

Whereas many may think this is out of some "higher" principle, it is not. All administrations since 1986 have operated to feed the corporatist interests, which are contrary to the best interests of the American people.

What the American people must come to grips with is this: No one represents us. Low wages fueled by illegal aliens result in lost or no jobs.

From an administration that engaged in illegal gun running resulting in at least one border agent's death, we now must be suspicious of this latest so-called spontaneous influx of children from countries who had to pass across the Mexican border, and did so undetected by Mexico.

And of course, our "smartest man who ever lived" in the White House had no intelligence and was caught by surprise. This is just as credible as "I never said I was drawing a red line. The world drew a red line."

Who cries for America's children?

John M. Chinn