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'We the people' expect more from president

Date published: 7/17/2014

'We the people' expect more from president

We need to get this president under control now. We the people are tired of all the corruption in Washington.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what is going on here. President Obama started the mess on the border and once again he wants to blame it on the Republicans. He always wants to blame someone else. We all know a good leader doesn't do this.

I know that this president refuses to work across party lines, and that is not the way our country runs. We the people deserve better.

I feel that those in Washington have lost sight of the big picture here, looking out for the best interest of we the people!

Under the current leadership we have lost our standing as a great nation. But, it is not too late to change paths. I ask everyone to write to your congressmen and senators and ask them to do the right thing. We need to stop this downward spiral, now.

If you love this country, as I do, then I say we must stand up to the president and do the right thing.

This country can't last much longer the way we are heading. Leaders lead by example. Please be a leader!

Ray Balderson

Colonial Beach