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Action is needed to curb gun-related violence

Date published: 7/17/2014

The recent shooting in the suburbs of Houston illustrates how our federal gun laws are insufficient when it comes to domestic abusers and how easily they can still get their hands on guns.

Ron Lee Haskell, the accused shooter, has a history of domestic violence charges. Commonsense solutions to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and other dangerous people are sitting on desks in Congress. This includes legislation to close dangerous loopholes in domestic violence laws and to expand Brady background checks to online and gun show sales.

It's time to ensure that our federal laws apply to all domestic abusers, making it more difficult for these violent individuals to get guns and do more harm. Expanding background checks on commercial gun sales and closing loopholes in existing domestic violence laws will protect women and children.

While we see gun violence all too often in this country, we cannot afford to become numb. We must take action and demand change--especially when it comes to dangerous people being able to obtain firearms and do harm.

We must call on Congress to pass this legislation, because it will help save lives and protect women and children.

Carl Groth