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Problem isn't Central America; it's us

Date published: 7/22/2014

Problem isn't Central America; it's us

Sending Vice President Joe Biden to Central America to solve the problem of illegal young immigrants coming into the United States is ridiculous.

For one thing, Biden is not going to solve any problems anywhere. Second, the problem is not in Central America, but here in the U.S.

The reason all of these hordes of illegal invaders are here is Mr. Obama's illegal policies, which allowed 500,000 "dreamers" to stay here because they were brought into the U.S. by illegal parents. He gave them a break, circumventing our laws and the Congress.

The only solution to the so-called humanitarian crisis in Texas is to send all these invaders back to their country of origin pronto. There's no need to send Biden to fix the problem; the problem has to be solved here.

Deport them.

Louis Ginesi Dominguez