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Put refugees in same school as Obama's kids

Date published: 7/22/2014

Put refugees in same school as Obama's kids

The issue concerning the influx of children from Central America coming across our southern borders is stated in a number of recent articles as a very difficult problem to solve.

Not so. The solution is basically very simple: Take the children with communicable diseases, transport them to Washington, D.C., and enroll them in the school and classes with the Obama children and with the children of House and Senate members. See how fast we get executive orders issued and laws passed by both the House and Senate to address this issue. Troops will amass on our borders overnight.

If our president and members of Congress are willing to have these children relocated to schools and classes with ordinary citizens, they should also be willing to have their children subject to the same exposure and risks. Let's see how they react.

Dick Hollenbach