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Science not settled

Date published: 7/23/2014

Science not settled

Leonard Pitts' June 30 op-ed ["If we ignore warning light, will it go away?"] is both offensive and irrational.

Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were real, true disasters resulting in the loss of thousands of lives. Comparing them to predictions of (maybe) 1-or 2-degree increases in temperature over the next 50 or 100 years is weird.

Even should it happen, on the other side of the ledger would be calculable benefits. Would Mr. Pitts agree?

Another instance of "settled" science of a few short hundred years ago, and his "denier" statement almost cost poor Galileo his life.

"Settled science" is a contradiction in terms. It evolves, is never "settled."

In our enlightened age, stupidity lives and prospers. However, we are no longer permitted to burn "deniers" at the stake. Now if that's not progress, I do not know what is.

George J. Vanek