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Warner has record of bipartisanship

Date published: 7/23/2014

Warner has record of bipartisanship

In his July 10 letter ["Warner's actions don't match his words"], Steve Chalke characterized Sen. Mark Warner's positions as "extreme" and Ed Gillespie's as "sensible."

It's fascinating to me how opponents of the Affordable Care Act continue to miscast it as a government takeover of the health care system.

Fashioned after Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health care law, the ACA's lineage is traced to plans developed in the 1990s by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, as a counterweight to the bane of the GOP, the Clinton administration's "Hillarycare" proposals.

Contrary to Mr. Chalke's scary and misguided language, the ACA is already showing positive outcomes, as the percentage of uninsured American adults has plummeted to an all-time low (13.4 percent).

Mark Warner's support of the ACA and his promise to intelligently address areas where it could be improved is squarely in line with his well-earned reputation as a pragmatic problem-solver focused on creating solutions rather than scoring political points.

For example, consider that Sen. Warner will sponsor major legislation only with a Republican co-sponsor, and all his big proposals--the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, the Know Before You Go Act, the Gang of Six budget plan--were developed in partnership with at least one Republican.

By contrast, Ed Gillespie has made a career of going back and forth through the revolving door of K Street lobby firms and Republican politics, helping to fuel the fundraising mechanisms that have led to the unlimited flood of corrupting money into the political system.

Gillespie's positions--rallying against a federal minimum wage increase, denying the effects of human activity on climate change and arguing against a woman's right to choose are straight out of the GOP's playbook--and there's nothing moderate about that.

Nor does his record indicate that Gillespie will be anything but what he has always been--a partisan warrior.

Not to worry, Mr. Chalke--we all make mistakes on occasion. But make no mistake about this: The only thing extreme about Mark Warner is his loyalty and dedication to the people of Virginia, and for that, I am proud to support the senator's re-election.

David Durham