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Keep new abortion clinic standards

Date published: 7/23/2014

Keep new abortion clinic standards

The standards implemented by the Virginia Board of Health were not done for political ideology. Abortion centers need to be treated like outpatient surgical centers to protect women.

Visitors to these abortion centers would expect to find medicines (especially anesthesia) properly administered by licensed professionals, sanitary conditions and a place where medical personnel could get a gurney through the door in an emergency.

Sadly, before these abortion standards were initiated, there was no way to know if abortion centers were safe because there were neither inspections nor records.

If, as Hollen Tillman contends ["Health center hurdles are hurting women," July 18], reproductive health care providers like Planned Parenthood have rigorous medical standards, why would they allow situations like these:

Public health officials found an abortion center was splattered with blood, and there were improperly stored fetal remains; several clinics failed to comply with even basic sterilization procedures; and the sponge used to wash the instruments was cleaned only once per week!

Some clinics were found with expired drugs in stock, and others with improper labeling of drugs. In addition, personnel were not properly trained and procedures were not maintained.

The inspections revealed more than 80 violations. Clearly it is imperative for the safety of women who visit these centers to maintain the current regulations.

The abortion industry cannot be trusted. It is corrupt, deceitful and cares nothing about women's health. It cares about its bottom line.

Many women who visit abortion centers are concerned with the very emotional situation looming before them. They are not focused on the unsanitary conditions. We need the public's help to protect these unsuspecting women.

Gov. McAuliffe would like to see the standards repealed or weakened. We cannot allow that to happen. Please help by submitting a comment between now and July 31 to the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Licensure and Certification.

Mary Weaver Mann