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Stafford teacher pay scale is 'bogus'

Date published: 7/27/2014

I am a product of Stafford County schools. After spending years away, my family and I have moved back to the area. I have recently applied and interviewed for a teaching position in the county.

While I have many friends who teach in the county, and I have closely followed the discussion about teacher salary, I didn't fully understand the extent to which teachers in the county are being shortchanged.

I don't know any teachers who teach because they want to become rich or famous. Teachers are committed to their profession because they want the opportunity to shape the lives of future generations.

Teachers are being asked to do more and more; they are given less and less time; and they are being insulted by the county in the salaries they are being paid.

The job offer I recently received from Stafford County Public Schools does not honor the years of teaching experience I currently hold.

Apparently, the county froze the small pay raise most teachers receive from year to year and as a result, I am not going to be honored for my years of teaching experience.

However, if you look up the teacher salary scale on the Internet, there is no mention of this slight to teachers. The scale appears to clearly lay out a teacher's expected salary, per years of teaching experience and education, but the scale is misleading.

My family moved back to Stafford County from Kentucky, where I was also employed as a teacher. The most interesting part of this experience is that I would have been paid considerably more money had my family continued to reside in Kentucky than I will receive as a teacher in Stafford County.

Let's not even discuss the higher cost of living in Stafford County versus Lexington, Ky.

Teachers do not seek millions of dollars. However, every teacher I know wants to be respected, and Stafford County's bogus pay scale is insulting.

Allison Masters