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Are boaters causing Fairview's pollution?

Date published: 7/28/2014

Are boaters causing Fairview's pollution?

This is in regard to the July 18 article titled "Bacteria plagues Fairview Beach."

The source from shore has not materialized. Now it is reasonable to consider that the pollution is from the water.

All of those small boats anchored on the hot summer weekends in fairly shallow water contain probably hundreds of people. The people wade in the water to cool off and visit other boaters.

Is it any wonder that most of those people have needs that cause water pollution?

As for their safety, they know what has happened each summer in the water at Fairview Beach and are amused that the authorities do not comprehend.

The tidal flow is minimized at that area because of the major flows on the other side of the river in deep water around Maryland Point.

Further, the prevailing winds push the surface water toward the beach, which shows the pollution. To prove the point quickly, do a test on a Monday and a Friday; you'll see that the pollution occurs on weekends, when all those boaters are there enjoying hot summer weekends.

Howard Yarus