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Teacher pay in line with other area localities

Date published: 7/30/2014

Teacher pay in line with other area localities

This is in response to the June 14 op-ed titled "What teachers want is not unreasonable."

My opinion is that the teachers who wrote the op-ed should look at the surrounding counties' average salary for teachers before writing a letter to the editor.

According to the website teachersalaryinfo.com, the average teacher's salary in Stafford is $52,945, compared to Caroline County's average of $46,844.

In Colonial Beach and Westmoreland and King George counties, the average teacher's salary is $43,722, and Spotsylvania County's average is $59,108.

I believe before the teachers signed their contracts with the school system, they knew what their salary would be. Being college-educated, it is assumed that they would have looked into the cost of living, housing, etc., before accepting the position.

Was this an idea of the union to write such a letter to the editor? In the future, consider comparing apples to apples. Politics should stay out of schools.

What example does that op-ed give to their students?

Kerry McClure

Colonial Beach