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Why not call Redskins 'the Americans'?

Date published: 7/30/2014

Why not call Redskins 'the Americans'?

I don't understand why anyone should be offended by the name "Redskins."

I opine that when George Preston Marshall named the Redskins, he was placing all existing Indian tribes under a common American name, and was not trying to be offensive in any way. In fact, I think he was giving them a key place in our country.

Back in 1969, during a two-week visit to the Navajo reservation, I was welcomed as a "brother."

In inter alia discussions, some wondered why the U.S. still maintained Indian reservations when they are all Americans. I could only refer to their tribal council, which administers their activities through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, under the Department of the Interior in Washington.

Additionally, some indicated that they were proud of the "American Redskins" football players. They added the word "American." The use of the Navajo language as the Army's code in the Pacific War contributed to the defeat of the Japanese; the Japanese never broke the code.

That's why they felt that the name "American" should be used more frequently when referring to them.

Thus, I see a fair approach to a name change from "Redskins" to "Americans." Therefore, the only change required would be to substitute the name "Americans" for "Redskins."

This would be the most economical and praise-worthy for our American Indians.

James J. Villalobos