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Congress needs to stop bickering, get to work

Date published: 7/31/2014

Premise: No party has all the smarts, therefore no one party should have all the power! Look at it this way:

There are three groups running this country: the Supreme Court, Congress and White House gangs.

Congress makes the rules, the White House enforces the rules and the Supreme Court gang tells everyone to play nice and lets everyone know if the rules are fair and implemented fairly.

If you don't like the Supreme Court decisions, then make new rules. If the president doesn't like the rules, he vetoes them. If Congress doesn't like the veto, they can override the veto.

There is a reason for three gangs, because no one gang has all the smarts.

The Congress gang has several factions led by the speaker of the House and leader of the Senate gang. They are supposed to talk nice and agree to work for all the villagers who put them into their respective gangs.

When Congress can't agree on the rules, the White House gang, run by the president, takes the initiative to say that since the Congress gang continues to act like children, he's being the adult and will take charge to make some of those decisions--because the villagers can't wait forever for the Congress gang.

So, if the Congress gang was doing its job, the White House gang wouldn't have to make some executive decisions, which some may think are overstepping his/her bounds.

We have illegal immigration issues, health insurance issues, fiscal issues, etc., that need to be addressed. These issues have been lingering for a long time, and the Congress gang needs to grow up and sit down together with one another, debate, discuss, compromise, or whatever it takes to come to a mutual agreement for the betterment of all the villagers, and that's us.

Mal Chernow