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Spotsy Treasurer's Office does a great job

Date published: 8/3/2014

Spotsy Treasurer's Office does a great job

It has long been my belief, after hearing horror stories from others, that contacting the Spotsylvania County Treasurer's Office is considered a poor choice. Stories of inefficiency and poor customer service have been presented to me on several occasions.

With that in mind, it was with great reluctance that I contacted the office with regard to what I perceived as an error in my personal property tax.

My initial contact was with Larry Pritchett, whom I found to be most courteous and helpful.

After a bit of deliberation, he worked out a plan for me with regard to payments and pointed me in the proper direction for resolution of my car issues--two cars that had been considered "totaled" quite some time ago were still appearing on my property listing.

My second contact within the department was with Amy Martin who, again, was quite pleasant and reassuring as she worked with me to clear up the issue. She collected information from me (most of which was incomplete) and contacted me the next day to let me know the situation had been resolved.

All in all, it was a very pleasant and painless experience, thanks to the professionalism and understanding of both Mr. Pritchett and Ms. Martin.

So, to all the ne'er-do-wells out there, I say, please take the time to contact the office again before making your final judgment. I think you will find your experience much better than you remember.

And to those who haven't contacted the office but need to--do so. You will be pleasantly surprised! Many thanks to Mr. Pritchett and Ms. Martin.

Chuck Price