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Being able to afford insurance? Yes, please

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Date published: 8/3/2014

Being able to afford insurance? Yes, please

To those of you who have had health insurance for as long as you can remember, you need to hear from the other side.

I had been without health insurance for more than 11 years. Being a part-time college student, a part-time employee at two jobs and married to a man forced to go on disability, the cost of traditional insurance was out of reach.

It was cheaper to pay on a medical bill each month or just plain avoid going for checkups and annual testing (no mammograms, gynecological exams, physicals, etc.). I'm actually 13 years overdue for a colonoscopy.

Because of the new Obamacare plans, I am actually able to afford my own insurance. And I can finally get the recommended testing as part of a preventive program.

I just had blood work done, and found out I am a high-risk candidate for coronary artery disease. I've got thyroid deficiency, low this, high that--all of which can be treated now with medicine, diet and exercise instead of later after a medical emergency.

I'll be getting my screenings and testing set up in the near future. I'd rather know now what I can do to get healthier and live longer, than put the testing off.

Without the new health care programs, I'd still be in the dark. Maybe not knowing is better for some. But I can now take an active role in my life, rather than a reactive role after a medical emergency.

Quit bashing the health care program if it doesn't affect you directly. Those of us who need it are ever grateful we get this chance to keep hospital costs lowered and take better care of ourselves.

Lori Deem