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Lack of cooperation on VRE project costly

Date published: 8/4/2014

Lack of cooperation on VRE project costly

In response to the July 26 article titled "Spotsy to mull Jackson Village," I'd like to remind the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors that one of the partners of this proposed project was also involved in the zoning changes of the property around the future Spotsylvania VRE railroad station.

After the developer of that tract of land had obtained approval for the requested zoning variances, suddenly the proposed parking facility was being "railroaded."

The delay of the actual construction of this vital project for the county as well as for future commuters will be costly for the county, as it is trying to get title of the originally designated surface parking through the court system.

Hopefully, when the Board of Supervisors reviews this newly proposed mixed-use development, they will remember the lack of cooperation they did receive from one of the partners involved with the parking area for the proposed station complex.

Rudi van Leeuwen