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Cantor's resignation didn't serve the people

Date published: 8/6/2014

Eric Cantor is the poster boy for much that is wrong in American politics today.

When he lost the Republication nomination to represent the 7th District in Congress for an eighth term, he quit, leaving the people in the 7th District months without representation.

When Cantor swore that he would support and bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution, he was promising the people in his district that he would be their representative in our constitutional republic.

Yet here he is, leaving the people he swore to represent before his term is complete because he lost the opportunity for re-election.

I don't know which is sadder--that he quit, or that so many senior Republicans hail him for doing it for their own political expediency.

The fact that he was elected by the people to do a job for the people does not appear even relevant to these "politicians." And I mean "politicians" in the most negative context.

In today's America, the political elite believe it is all about them, as demonstrated by the shallow values they display so often. Shame on them!

If there is any doubt about America needing term limits for all elected offices, Cantor's behavior should dispel that doubt.

Rex A. Hoover