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VDOT: Use signs for only serious messages

Date published: 8/6/2014

VDOT: Use signs for only serious messages

It appears that VDOT is using new overhead signage without assessing the consequences of their actions.

These signs should be used to inform travelers of accidents, road closures or Amber/Silver alerts--important information.

Lately, I've noticed many providing such information as how long and how far it is to Thornburg, which is not really critical to my drive.

More to the point, I also note additional traffic backups usually end when passing under these signs. Apparently, many drivers have to slow down to read them, causing the inevitable delay and backup in their wake.

I fear this will be exacerbated with the installation of new signs along with the HOT lane project. This is a condition VDOT should strive to eliminate immediately to keep I-95 flowing a bit more smoothly.

Stop playing with the signs. Use them for emergencies, not frivolous messages.

Philip Cole