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Workers find time to watch porn at work

Date published: 8/7/2014

Workers find time to watch porn at work

While driving today, I heard a news report on a Washington station that truly piqued my interest. It appears that some government workers in more than one of the agencies have time for an interesting leisure activity while on the job.

What do they do while at work in their cushy government positions while receiving overinflated paychecks? Watch porn all day. That's eight hours of pornographic movies paid for with my tax dollars.

This activity happens because these persons are bored with nothing to do while on the job. I would love to hear an explanation from one of our illustrious senators or members of the House as to why this practice is tolerated and why there has not been an investigation into this practice.

Could this be another useless government grant research expenditure? What is the security of these sites and the possible viruses that may infiltrate secure government accounts and cause who knows what type of damage?

Eight hours of porn viewing paid for by the already stretched taxpayer dollar for some of these people adds up to a nice healthy paycheck for leisure entertainment viewing.

I am certain I could find something more productive to do if I had a government job.

Toni Jones