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Road rage is another name for bullying

Date published: 8/7/2014

Road rage is another name for bullying

This is in response to the Aug. 1 article titled "Do not engage with road rage."

We live in a civilized society, which more often than not overrules common sense.

Law enforcement authorities and psychological reports recommend avoidance at all cost when encountering unpleasant driving habits of fellow drivers.

Both professions ask that people avoid eye contact, not return gestures, and not blow their horn in response to an overly aggressive maneuver.

Perhaps the reporter should review the recommended steps a person should take if bullied.

Bullying in our society is no longer tolerated. The actions the reporter tells us to take are similar to instructions once given to slaves so as not to offend their masters. Giving these offenders a pass increases the outrageous deeds. It's bullying!

The perpetrators are neither remorseful nor concerned about other people or about their driving habits.

Law enforcement or mounted video cameras are tools at our disposal. It is human nature to look over at an individual who nearly caused you to have an accident or near miss.

Rush hours are prime time to witness aggressive drivers. Drivers education is not our responsibility. We respect the next driver, and we should be afforded the same.

When does responding to an illegal act by another person make us the aggressive driver?

The perpetrators are the aggressive drivers, and the victims are taking the hit. Try giving that same obscene gesture to law enforcement officers. Think they will look away?

Report aggressive drivers as soon as possible. It's not road rage; it's bullying.

Elbert Bud Jones