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Will AC units keep tourists away?

Date published: 8/10/2014

Will AC units keep tourists away?

I was glad to read a recent Washington Post article about how Fredericksburg's small businesses and entrepreneurial spirit are attracting tourists.

That positive outlook contrasts with the dire forecasts of City Councilman Matt Kelly and of Lucy Lawliss, superintendent of the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park ["More effort is needed to preserve Fredericksburg's rich history," July 31].

They say that the sight of modern window trim and air-conditioning units are keeping people away.

Rather than hypothesizing about what motivates other tourists, I wish Mr. Kelly and Ms. Lawliss would tell us about their own behavior, since surely they are tourists, too.

What cities have they stopped visiting because of unsightly window trim and air conditioners?

Charlie Rowe Jr.