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Stafford doesn't need advice from FLS

Date published: 8/10/2014

Stafford doesn't need advice from FLS

In recent editorials, The Free Lance-Star offered its views on two important issues facing Stafford County.

The Free Lance-Star believes the fix for the landfill is to simply raise rates on commercial haulers. The editorial naively suggests that simply charging more will work.

Was that the approach the paper took to its advertising and subscription rates when it faced bankruptcy?

Readers should know that our landfill is among the best-managed in the state, operating without a subsidy for the last 14 years.

Dodging the tough questions, The Free Lance-Star fails to indicate whether it is advocating a new fee for individual residents who use the landfill or whether it is fair for the landfill to pick up the tab for litter cleanup in the entire county.

Not content to limit its wisdom on sound fiscal management to the landfill, the paper's editorial board boldly asserts that Stafford County is averse to spending money on schools.

But this is the same editorial board that enthusiastically supported the financially dubious scheme of demolishing and rebuilding Stafford High School for $70 million instead of renovating it for a fraction of that cost.

In the real world, people have to live within their means. The governments that serve them should be held to the same standard.

Perhaps The Free Lance-Star's new owners should examine whether their editorial page understands such fiscal limitations. Judging from their editorials, they clearly do not.

Paul Milde


The writer is a member of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors.