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Obama quartet fiddles while America burns

Date published: 8/10/2014

History tells us that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, then blamed the Christians.

History doesn't always repeat itself exactly. Today we see the Obama quartet (Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Kerry) fiddling while the world is afire. And I'm sure, true to form, they will scapegoat the GOP.

During my 80 years I've observed more than a few politicians and so-called leaders. I've seen some good ones that I, and many others, would follow in a charge against high odds.

Unfortunately I've witnessed so-called leaders who couldn't operate a lemonade stand for profit outside a crowded stadium. Recent history gives examples of the former (Reagan, H.W. Bush and probably Romney) and the latter (Carter, Clinton and Obama).

Folks say we are not seeing Putin for what he is (a throwback), but perhaps that is what was meant by Obama's openmic remark to the previous Russian president ("tell Vladimir that I'll be more flexible after the election").

I cannot help but believe that Obama's political ideology is closer to Putin's than to many who feel that capitalism, for all its faults, has lifted more people from poverty and delivered a higher standard of living than communism, socialism, anti-colonialism and any other "ism."

The world is in a mess and Obama is not a player. Our economy is in a mess and Obama is not a player. The civil service is riddled with corruption and mismanagement and Obama is not a player. The best health care system on the planet is headed to ruin and Obama is the key player!

I would close with one more historical note. Nero needed help to convince Romans that someone else was at fault; he had a fawning Roman Senate.

Today the Democratic-controlled Senate acts in that capacity for the Obama Quartet. Vote wisely and throw all the Obama yes-men out.

Joe Spero