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Get rid of labels for elected officials

Date published: 8/12/2014

Get rid of labels for elected officials

It seems that our government is divided into too many special-interest groups (Democrat, Republican, tea party, independent, left, right, etc.) to get anything done for our country. So why don't we make it a little easier?

1. Once a person has reached the office of governor, member of The House or member of the Senate, he/she will no longer be referred to by any political party by word or in print. After all, he represents all of the people in his district or state.

2. When voting or deciding an issue, it will be for what is best for his/her district or state, not any political group--and he must express why he voted or acted in the manner he did so everyone can fully understand his logic.

3. As it stands now, when the president speaks to the House or Senate, all the Republicans are together on one side and all the Democrats on the other. The seating should be changed to alphabetical order by state (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, etc.) regardless of previous political connections.

4. All re-election ads must begin with what the person running for office has done for you and promises to do for you, and the last 25 percent of the ad can be for mudslinging if they must.

5. Term limits are a must. These positions were not designed as lifetime jobs.

I'm quite sure there are people out there much smarter than I am and with more insight into correcting the broken government we have today. I sincerely hope someone comes up with some kind of solution before our government fails and collapses. The way we are going now, it seems the elected officials are oblivious to the realities the rest of us see every day.

Ken Luehrs