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All killings should be cause for outrage

Date published: 8/13/2014

All killings should be cause for outrage

I continue to be disappointed in the bias and lack of integrity displayed by the Western media, the United Nations leaders and our own State Department.

When--just to name a few groups today killing soldiers and civilians--Ukrainians (and Russians) kill Ukrainians, Iraqis (and others) kill Iraqis, Pakistanis (and others) kill Pakistanis, and Syrians (and others) kill Syrians, the media, United Nations and State Department report part of the story and express "concern."

When Hamas fighters and Israeli fighters kill each other, and when the Israelis are accused of killing civilians, the U.N. and State Department are "outraged" and demand an immediate investigation into Israel's actions.

This is still mostly a Christian nation; we should report the truth, be outraged at all killings and seek peace for our world.

Stephen Eckel

King George