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Porn-watching workers are in the minority

Date published: 8/13/2014

Porn-watching workers are in the minority

This is in response to Toni Jones' Aug. 7 letter titled "Workers find time to watch porn at work."

I just retired from the federal government. I've worked in many different areas all over the world for the government since 1969.

Most lately I had the honor of working for Walter Reed Hospital before it closed, and I retired from the new Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.

While I am sure that some government employees in some agencies may be poor workers and some may even be able to circumvent complicated computer security systems to watch smut, it needs to be said that this is a small minority.

If any worker is lacking work, it's not the fault of the worker; it's the fault of the supervisor, whether government or civilian.

I have worked with hard-working, conscientious people in my years. These are public servants who haven't seen a raise in years, I might add, and workers who were put on furlough to make up for government shortfalls.

I have seen this transgression myself--government employees who were fired on the spot and escorted out of the office for illicit use of the computer--so it does happen, and there are very stern repercussions for it when it does happen.

But these people are in the minority; they are not the majority. You will find the majority are caring, excellent workers.

Be careful how you categorize people.

Sue Whitaker