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Constitution shouldn't protect Islam

Date published: 8/13/2014

I've got a problem with the First Amendment.

It includes a protection for the free practice of religion. Well, what if there were a religion that had goals that weren't compatible with the rest of our Constitution?

What if there were a religion that taught that we're not all equal, that women don't have the same rights as men?

What if there were a religion that taught that everyone must convert to that religion or be subjugated or executed?

What if there were a religion that taught that anyone caught in the acts of abortion or homosexuality should be executed?

Does our First Amendment protect a religion of that nature? Is Islam protected by our Constitution? If you say "yes," you need to better educate yourself on the true nature and doctrines of Islam.

Muhammad taught his followers to spread his teachings around the world, subjugating others against their will, if necessary. He also taught them that if they found themselves in a position of weakness, unable to accomplish their task, to quietly bide their time and build their strength and numbers until they had the advantage.

If you survey the world's current events, you'll be hard-pressed to find an area of conflict that doesn't involve followers of Islam, following that game plan.

There's no such thing as a treaty with them. Any cessation of conflict is only temporary for them, buying them time to prepare for the next engagement.

The shores of North America are certainly in their sights, and don't think for a minute that your "civil rights" are of any concern to them.

The word "Islam" is best translated into English as "submission." Do you plan to submit? If not, what are you going to do about it to make sure it doesn't happen?

Leonard Riddle Jr.