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Columnist ignores black Republicans

Date published: 8/14/2014

Columnist ignores black Republicans

Richard Amrhine's Aug. 10 column ["Are Republicans trying to drive voters away?"] is another screed in the series of anti-Republican and anti-conservative hit pieces authored by him in The Free Lance-Star, a once proud and once right-of-center newspaper, now degenerated into an oversized tabloid of the hard-core left.

Also, one's vision is assaulted almost daily by anti-Republican and anti-conservative political cartoons on the editorial page.

Amrhine could have saved readers time in reading the often-repeated lies about Republicans and conservatives by making his last paragraph the first.

In that, he lays blame for Republican opposition to Obama's wrecking-ball policies on race.

Poor Democrats! The race card is all they have left in a losing hand. They can't run on the limping economy, nor on Obama's job-killing environmental initiatives, nor on his budget-busting so-called accomplishments, nor on what passes for his foreign policy.

In that, he appears unconcerned about our southern border being overrun by illegal aliens, the Middle East is on fire and children are being beheaded by Islamist barbarians while he goes golfing at Martha's Vineyard.

So what else is left to Democrats except the tired and lame old race card?

I will throw out this challenge to Mr. Amrhine: If Republican and conservative opposition to Obama is based on race rather than on his disastrous policies, then how does he explain their enthusiastic support for such prominent black Republicans as Lt. Col. Allen West, Condoleezza Rice and Dr. Ben Carson?

Greg Harrod